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Bride Valley Ultra-Fast Community Project

As part of a community project  if you live in one of the following post codes you may well be eligible to benefit from the Government Gigabit Voucher Scheme.

DT2 9JB, DT2 9HU, DT2 9HT, DT2 9HW, DT2 9HP, DT2 9EE, DT2 9ED

Please use the link below to sign up and please pass on the message as there is limited time to do this.

Long Bredy and Kingston Russell Parish Council Annual Village Meeting

With the relaxing of Government restrictions, we are pleased to announce that the Annual Village Meeting will take place in the Village Hall at Long Bredy on Thursday 23rd September 2021 at 7pm.

This will be an opportunity for you to hear what has been happening in the parish over the last year and what the plans are for the future. You will be able to meet and discuss issues with your local Parish councillors, and catch up with neighbours and other residents.

There will be complimentary light refreshments.

Long Bredy and Kingston Russell Parish Council encourage residents to take part in this very quick and simple survey being organised by local MP Chris Loder. His message below sets out what he is trying to achieve and includes a link to the survey.

Message from Chris Loder MP regarding Survey for Faster Broadband

Two weeks ago, the Government confirmed Dorset’s inclusion in the £5 billion Project Gigabit broadband programme, which I lobbied hard for. We also have several Community Fibre Partnerships (CFPs) active in West Dorset and I have been working closely with Openreach on these.

As I continue my campaign to get good broadband connectivity across West Dorset, I need to collate the specific details of where connectivity is particularly poor. I have created a survey on my website for this purpose:

I would greatly appreciate it if you could forward this email with the link to as many parishioners as possible, or indeed, complete the survey yourself.

Yours sincerely


Chris Loder MP

Member of Parliament for West Dorset


Vacancy for Parish Clerk – see Parish Council page for full details

Climate and Ecological Emergency Strategy

Please find a link to a press release announcing the extension of the consultation period for our Climate and Ecological Emergency strategy. Responses to the survey will be accepted until the end of Wednesday 20 January 2021.

An offline version of the survey can be downloaded at The survey is open to all residents. The strategy and all supporting documents can be downloaded and printed at Just click the box labelled “Download our Climate and Ecological Emergency Strategy as PDF” to view/print/download the full strategy document. PDF files for each section, as well as action plans and technical papers can also be found on the website.

Have Your Say! – Residents’ Survey 2020

Completing the survey

  • Please follow the instructions for each question carefully. Some of them ask you to select one box, and some more than one box, or to write something in
  • Everything you tell us will be treated in the strictest confidence – we definitely won’t pass your details on to anyone else
  • If you have any questions please telephone Information by Design on 01482 467467
  • If you have any concerns about this questionnaire you can contact Dorset Council Customer Services on 01305 221000.

This survey is being conducted by Information by Design (Ibyd) on behalf of Dorset Council.  IbyD are an independent market research company, are members of the Market Research Society (MRS) and abide by the MRS Code of Conduct.  The survey is being conducted online (promoted through e-newsletters like this one and through social media), and via telephone surveys.

Dear Resident  

We are writing to let you know of a government-funded initiative to improve internet speeds in rural communities. 

Askerswell is already on ultrafast broadband (fibre to home) but there are no plans at present to upgrade any of the Bride Valley or surrounding areas. Although recent upgrades have given us fibre from the exchange to cabinet (FTTC) many of us are still suffering from slow internet speed and the internet dropping out. Day by day the information being transmitted via the internet is becoming more and more detailed and space hungry so staying with our current speeds means we are being left behind.   

Faster internet speeds bring many advantages such as improved home schooling, instant response times when opening pages, no lag when sending or receiving emails and you could even download a full HD film in seconds. Current local internet speeds are likely to be around 26Mbps (using current copper wire cables) whereas we should be getting Ultrafast speeds from 70 – 1000 Mbps, although nothing above 200-300 is likely to be necessary. 

Fortunately government funding is available to homes and small businesses in rural areas to cover some of the costs of installing the faster ‘fibre to home’, but it would be unlikely to cover individual installation costs. We understand that Openreach will look favourably at a community installation scheme as it reduces their costs. So we need to put together a group of interested individuals and business.  An important point is that there is no commitment or cost to anyone who just wishes to express their interest in this opportunity.  

We understand that faster speed will be available at no extra cost, although very fast speeds are tiered and paid for by the user. There are already a number of individuals and businesses in Long Bredy and Litton Cheney who are already very interested, so it would add weight to the cause if we could demonstrate a greater community interest. 

To explore our options we need to do the following: 

Stage 1 

We need to gather names, addresses and contact numbers of individuals or small businesses who would be interested. Openreach would then look at the addresses and give a ballpark figure of the costs involved so that we could establish whether they would be covered by a government grant. 

Stage 2  

If we believed the costs were covered we would express a serious interest to Openreach who would then conduct a  cost analysis and present the options and costs to us. 

Stage 3 

This is the commitment stage where individuals state whether they want to proceed or not and decide on the speed they require. 

As we continue to be disadvantaged by increasingly poor internet speeds these government grants present us with a great opportunity which we could take advantage of, but as we all know, grants are not available forever so we should get step forward and see if we can secure the funding.  

If you are interested, please email, your name, address phone number to

or phone Angus Handoll 01308 482215 

Alternatively  phone  Charlotte Kinghorn, Chair of the LBKR Parish Council at   01308 482264

Playing Field Update

The playing field is now open. Please see full safe practice advice on the Playing Field page.


Help slow the spread of #COVID19 and identify at risk cases sooner by self-reporting your symptoms daily, even if you feel well. Download the app

Delivery of essential groceries

As a result of social distancing surrounding villages are discussing the option of having Dorset Community Transport collect pre ordered and paid for groceries from local outlets, such as Washingpool Farm Shop, and deliver them. The idea is in the early discussion stage and no firm plans are in place.
The purpose of this message is to ascertain if there is any interest in Long Bredy and Kingston Russel in taking part in and making use of this service. If you think you would make use of this delivery service can you let The Parish Clerk know on or 01308 482647.


Long Bredy Playing Field
by order of the Parish Council, in line with Government instructions to prevent the spread of Covid-19


For advice from the Parish Council on Covid-19, please go to the dedicated Covid-19 page for links to the most current information.


We are sure you will all agree that at this present time we are facing exceptional difficulties in unchartered waters. As a community we are needing to support each other in many ways.
Therefore with this in mind we propose to set up a network of help for everyone.

The elderly of the village and those unwell who are required to self-isolate may need help. This may include shopping, collecting medicines, chatting by phone or email to help prevent social isolation, posting letters, maybe dog walking or some other form of help not specified here.

If you are already looking out for someone or you feel you could be part of a network please do let us know. The more people in the network means the better we can help those that need it. You will not sign yourself up for lots of work, we will not ask you to put yourself in a compromising position and if you felt unhappy with a task, someone else can undertake it.

If you are having to self-isolate please let us know. We can contact you to check all is well and if you need help we will do our best to help where necessary.

With the progress of the virus we know the network will ebb and flow with those willing to help who may become infected and then may need help themselves. Likewise you may come to the end of self-isolation and feel able to help others. E-mailing and phone calls can be undertaken by anyone.

Please contact:
Gwen 01308 482270
Ruth 01308 482562
Jackie 01308 482379

2020 Village Spring Clean – Cancelled until further notice

Long Bredy & Kingston Russell Parish Council will be holding the annual Village Spring Clean on Saturday 4th April 2020.  Not only does this help to keep our village looking lovely, but it is also a great fun event and a good chance to meet up with neighbours and make new acquaintances.

We will meet at the Village Hall at 10am. Wear stout shoes or wellington boots, warm (and waterproof!) clothing, and if you have one a high visibility jacket or vest. Children are very welcome, and indeed encouraged, but due to the nature of the event, they must be supervised by a responsible adult. The roads through the village remain open to traffic during the event.

If we have a good turn out, the clean-up will only take a couple of hours, and will be rewarded by complimentary light refreshments in the warm and welcoming Village Hall.

Parish Council:


Bride Valley Churches Wedding Festival

Over the weekend on 15th/16th February, all the churches of the Bride Valley will be celebrating a Festival of weddings, with each church focusing on a specific element.

St Peters Church Long Bredy will be hosting a theme of Hats and Bells over the 2 day event. The church will be beautifully decorated with ivy and snowdrops, to provide a seasonal backdrop to the display of wedding hats. There will be a live feed to the bell chamber, showing our 5 beautiful bells in action! Over the course of the weekend, we hope to welcome ringers from other churches to ring a peal!

There will be refreshments available from 10.00 to 3.30, and various activities to entertain all ages.

Please come along and join in this joyous celebration of love!

Vacancy for a Parish Councillor – November 2019

For more details, see Parish Council News page.

Dorset Alert

Dorset Alert is a new website available anywhere in Dorset and provides access to messaging and information reporting facilities. It is a free service that enables residents of Dorset to engage with Dorset Police and the many varied Watch schemes that are run in the county. For full details and a link to the Dorset Alert website, go to the Community page.


Auction of Promises.

The Long Bredy & Kingston Russell Parish Council were delighted with the success of the recent Auction of Promises. There was a great turn out at the White Horse Inn and people bid generously on some fantastic lots. The council are extremely grateful to all those who provided lots and to everyone who bid for them. Special thanks go to Andrew Bailey, our auctioneer and to Jamie, Pete and their team at the White Horse who provided the venue and hospitality. An incredible £2380 was raised on the night and this, together with money raised at April’s Race Night, will go a long way towards the purchase and installation of a Birds Nest Swing for the Playing Field. This will greatly enhance this local amenity and hopefully provide much enjoyment to those who use it.

Long Bredy & Kingston Russell Parish Council have received reports of dog fouling in the Playing Field in Long Bredy. The Playing Field is a popular and much appreciated community resource used by many families and children.  The Parish Council do not wish to discourage dog walkers from using the Playing Field but would remind dog owners of their responsibility to pick up and dispose of dog mess. Keeping the Playing Field clean and free from mess will benefit the whole community and will ensure that it remains a pleasant place to visit.

Incidents involving large goods vehicles

Villagers will be aware that large goods vehicles travel through the village on a daily basis, en route to and from the cheese factory at Ashley Chase. On occasion, vehicles meet head to head and find it difficult to manouvre out of the situation. If you witness such an impasse, the manager at the cheese factory has asked that it be reported to them at the time, so that they can take action to address the issue and seek to advise the drivers how to avoid it in the future.

The number to call is:

01308 482580 during office hours

07974 215148 out of office hours

Superfast Broadband is coming to Long Bredy!

The new green cabinet serving Long Bredy residents with high speed broadband is situated near the entrance to Sands Farm. In the not too distant future this will go live. Please check for updates or register to be kept informed on progress.

Unfortunately, there are some residents within the parishes of Kingston Russell and Long Bredy who are not in any of the plans for superfast broadband . If you are one of these residents and are receiving less that 2Mbps, you might be eligible to apply for the Better Broadband Subsidy Scheme. This scheme provides residents with a subsidy towards the cost of installation of wireless or satellite broadband. You will be able to find more information about applying for the scheme on the website:

Table Tennis

Long Bredy Village Hall now has a table tennis table. The hope is to organise some games, and even coaching if we have enough participants of secondary school age and older. We are especially keen to persuade adult new-comers to give it a try!

Please contact so that we can organise a time to meet.


The Long Bredy Summer Event Review