Parish Council

Long Bredy & Kingston Russell   Parish Council

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The Parish Council is a group council combining the parishes of Kingston Russell and Long Bredy. It covers an area of 1873 hectares and has a population of 250 people.

What is a Parish Council?

The parish council is the first tier of local government and is very much focused on grass roots local issues. The council has responsibility for matters such as playgrounds, signs and notice boards and has a significant input to planning.

The parish council comprises of locally elected councillors and employs a clerk to organise and manage council business. The parish council holds periodic meetings throughout the year to which the public are welcome to attend. The meetings have minutes that are published and available to the general public

Funding for the parish council is allocated by the district council and is called the precept. This is collected through the council tax system.

Details of significant Parish Council documents can be viewed by visiting the Documents tab on the Parish Council section of the website.