Village Hall


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The village hall was built in 1920 by local builders for George & Norah Gribble, the owners of Kingston Russell House, Long Bredy House and their connected estates.  The hall was attached to Long Bredy House and its construction was an act of philanthropy and remembrance on the part of Mr & Mrs Gribble whose son, Captain Julian Gribble, had died in 1918 after having been awarded the Victoria Cross for exceptional bravery.  The hall bears the memorial shown below in honour of Julian Gribble and the other six men of the village who lost their lives in the First World War and bears the inscription:

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“This room is built for the use and comfort of the village and in memory of those men who went out from her and laid down their lives for their country.  Dulce est pro patria mori”



The hall, which was opened by Mrs Gribble on 31st December 1920 was declared to be for “the use and comfort of the village” and is now managed by a committee which has charitable status.

September 2016

The project to refurbish the Village Hall has now been completed. The hall  shines with fresh paint, new curtains and a much improved kitchen, creating a light and airy space that holds up to 50 people. This unique and historic building features a gallery at one end, and is available to hire for a very reasonable sum, as detailed below:

  • morning – £20 (£10 for Long Bredy residents)
  • afternoon or evening – £30 (£20 for Long Bredy residents)

If you are interested in booking the hall, or hiring tables and chairs, please contact Mrs Sara Winter at

A vacancy has arisen for a secretary to the Village Hall Committee. the Committee meets bi-monthly at 7pm for a maximum of 1 hour, the next meeting being on March 19th 2017. iIf you are interested in helping to manage the running of the Village Hall, or would like further information, please contact the Chairman, Andrew Bailey on 01308 482293 or e-mail