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Parish Council Accounts 2018/19

Details of the Parish Council Accounts 2018/19 can be seen in the Documents page of this site, together with Public Rights of Access.

Parish Council Accounts 2017/18


Due to changes in the accounting rules, the Parish Council are exempt from submitting their accounts for external audit as the gross expenditure does not exceed £25000 per year.

A copy of the certificate of exemption, authorized by the council on 14th May 2018 is displayed below:

2018 05 30 Accounts expenditure over 100


Please follow the link to view the Notice of Conclusion for the Annual Accounts 2016/17

2017 08 14 Notice of Conclusion

Annual Accounts 2016/17

The annual accounts for Long Bredy & Kingston Russell Parish Council are now available to view on the website via the link on the “Minutes” page, under Accounts. There are 4 documents, covering exercise of public rights, the annual governance statement, the accounts statement and an explanation of electors rights.



October 2015

Travel Plan Incident Request

As part of the planning permission for the further expansion of the Cheese Factory at Parks Farm, Ashley Chase, a Travel Plan has been required to be put in place.

To ensure the Travel Plan works for all parties the Parish Council has been asked to report all traffic incidents within the parish involving vehicles travelling to and from the Cheese Factory, particularly the heavy goods vehicles (HGVs).

Please report to the Parish Clerk:

1. Incidents of head on meetings between two HGVs or HGVs and the school bus/other large vehicles.
2. HGVs passing through the village outside the agreed hours of 7.00am – 6pm on working days only. There should be no HGVs on weekends and public holidays. Milk tankers are excluded.
3. Damage to property however minor.
4. Discourteous driving.

Please note the day, time and place and if at all possible a photograph of the incident.

The Parish Clerk will report the incidents to the Highways Department and the Cheese Factory.

The Parish Council is aware that not all vehicles involved in incidents have to do with the Cheese Factory but these will be separated out; therefore please report all incidents even if you are unsure. Confidentiality will be assured at all times.

Parish Clerk:  email

The Parish Council wishes to assure residents that this procedure is welcomed by all parties to ensure the Travel Plan will work to the benefit of the village, the Cheese Factory and the vehicles having to come through the village now and in the future. Problems cannot have a solution if no one is made aware of the problem!