100 Club

The 100 Club started in 2012 and has been well supported by the residents and friends of Long Bredy and Kingston Russell.

We now have many new members of the community, who possibly do not realise the benefits the 100 Club brings to fundraising in the Village with proceeds going towards the Church, Village Hall and the Playing Field.

For those who are unfamiliar with the 100 Club, a £12 subscription buys you a numbered ticket  and every month a draw takes place to select the lucky winners of three money prizes:  1st prize £30, 2nd prize £15 and 3rd prize £5.  At Christmas there is a Superdraw which pays out considerably more, typically with a first prize in excess of £100.

If you are not already a member, maybe you would consider joining the 100 Club, or if you are an existing member, maybe you would like another ticket or two!

December 2020 results:

£30 No. 42 V Cain

£15 No. 62 B&R Maltby

£5 No. 38 A Harrison

Christmas Super Draw:

£150 No.121 K Smith

£100 No.118 K Scothern

£50 No.13 E Frost

Drawn on 20/12/2020
At the Live Nativity Service
While Social distancing

For further details on becoming a 100 Club member, contact  Ruth Cullingford via the contact page.