The Village

Long Bredy is a small picturesque village situated in the beautiful Bride Valley. The valley gets its name from the River Bride that meanders from Bridehead, at the head of the valley, down to the sea at Freshwater. The village is steeped in history with archaeological finds going back over 4500 years. Evidence exists of Anglo Saxon and Roman occupation and the village is mentioned in the Doomsday Book.

Kingston Russell House is an imposing manor house situated within the village and in 1769 was the birthplace of Thomas Masterman Hardy who grew up to become Admiral Hardy of Trafalgar fame.

The village now comprises residential properties, which are home to some 200 villagers, and the 13th century St Peter’s church. It is surrounded by working farms and has been declared an “Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty”.

It is a quiet, tranquil understated place with no shop or pub but does have a Village Hall and a small playing filed.

We hope you find our village website useful, informative and interesting and that it does justice to the place that we are privileged to call home.